To provide the best data reporting solutions for education institutions globally. 

To offer our clients a wide range of timely education industry data with high-quality data analysis and practical advice which will enable them to succeed in changing and challenging business environments. 

Studymove is an Australian based consultancy firm which assists education institutions around the world.

Our highly qualified and experienced team are experts in the development and implementation of data solutions to enhance international student recruitment and mobility strategies. Our work is widely recognised for its analytical excellence and innovation. 

It was established in 2007 after identifying there was a greater appetite and need for timely and meaningful education data. We also identified there were important data stories which needed to be told and shared with professionals in the education industry. We love stats so it was a no-brainer!

Our passion to support clients in international education has seen our client base expand all over the globe. We now work with education institutions located in Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Latin America, UK and the United States. 


Making education data more accessible
Insightful analysis and data storytelling
Extensive experience in the education industry
Analytical excellence and innovation
Our passion for data!


Data believers

We are the passionate data believers when all hope may be lost! We can find a solution to bring all your data to life.


We have a wealth of experience and passion for the industry.

Information designers

We are the information designers finding new ways to collect, analyse, present and make sense of invaluable data.

Data that makes sense

We believe everyone should have access to data that tells a story, is relevant, current and dynamic. We ensure the data just makes sense and most importantly looks good.

Supporting your decisions

Our mission is to support you and your team with high-quality analysis and practical advice which will enable your institution to succeed in the competitive marketplace. 


Confidentiality is our promise and is a business practice that is never overlooked. 


Keri Ramirez



Keri is an Economist with over 17 years’ experience in international education. He previously worked at Macquarie University within the International Office after completing his Master in International Business. He was the Virtual Marketing Coordinator at Macquarie International which saw him manage, not only the universities international online marketing strategies, but also managed the marketing intelligence reports, student communication and enquiry protocols for Macquarie International.

He established Studymove in 2007 and has completed various consulting projects for numerous Australian and International universities in the areas of benchmarking, marketing intelligence and online marketing. 

Keri loves stats and loves telling a story with data! He has presented at various domestic and international conferences including AIEC, APAIE, NAFSA, NZIEC, industry workshops and AUIDF meetings.

Dimity Huckel



Dimity has over 20 years’ experience in the international education sector. She previously held positions at IDP and Macquarie University, where she worked in various areas, including within the Communications, Marketing and Recruitment and with Transnational Education teams.

She has extensive experience in, and knowledge of, the international education sector.

She holds a Bachelor of Information Management from the University of Canberra, Postgraduate Certificate in Management from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment from the Australian Institute of Management. 

Dimity is passionate about communicating well and ensuring all clients’ needs are met!



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