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Education Agents in Australian Universities

This recruitment channel is so fundamentally important that we thought it would be useful to create a database or directory of which education agents each Australian university works with in each country.  

We offer a complete database of agent listings by all Australian universities.


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Engage effectively with this essential recruitment channel

  • In Australia, approximately 75% of international students commencing their study program at an Australian university were recruited by an education agent.*

    We understand the importance Australian universities place in maintaining and developing strong and productive relationships with education agencies to form part of a strong recruitment strategy to attract high quality prospective students to study in Australia.

    We also understand the role and influence education agents have in the promotion of study opportunities in Australia and throughout the application stage and conversion process of students.

    They also play an important role in ensuring students are adequately prepared for their Australian study experience.

    This database will enable international office staff to compare their agency network with the agency network established at other Australian universities.


    *SOURCE: With information from the Department of Education, Australian Government, "International Education Agents - Overview report" (2019) and an analysis from The PIE News - 


  • Along with the complete database of over 38,000 agent listings by all Australian universities, we also provide an analysis by country and city so you can identify how many universities are working with a particular education agent and their location by country and city.  

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