Studymove in AIEC2017


  See you at AIEC 2017 in Hobart!  

This year is a special year as both Keri and Dimity will be attending AIEC in Hobart! Dimity is very excited to reconnect with our clients face-to-face and with new and existing clients. 


We have been working on some more interesting projects and reports which we look forward to chatting about during the conference. 


This year has been all about data discovery and new ways to collect and present useful data for the industry. We have developed a range of new data reports which will be available for purchase soon and that we know will greatly assist your team. 


We really strive to make data interesting and accessible for the industry as we truly believe that data is power! We know that often institutions don´t have the time to data mine the data they may need or like, so let us do the mining and you can enjoy the ride to data discovery!


We look forward to meeting with our current and future clients and presenting our latest research including:


1. Comparative Analysis of International Tuition Fees in Australia - We are currently working on the 2018 analysis of international tuition fees in Australia. This must have report highlights where your university sits on the pricing ladder!  


We are happy to give interested representatives a sneak peak of the report during AIEC. Please contact Keri or Dimity to arrange a meeting!


2. International Student Mobility Benchmark - We were really honoured to be given the opportunity to work with seven of the worlds leading universities in the area of student mobility. The first benchmark of its kind was completed last year and we are gearing up for the second round.


There will also be other large institutions joining the benchmark this year which will further enrich the project. We have just released some results from the first report which you can view here:


3. New Zealand Universities - Benchmark -  We have just completed the second comprehensive New Zealand International Education Benchmark with all eight New Zealand universities.


We recently presented the results in New Zealand and we are very honoured to be able to work with all the universities and develop a report which contains invaluable market insights to assist them in continuing to grow the sector. 


4. Marketing Intelligence Reports - Our director Keri Ramirez just loves stats and he can work magic with numbers! Over the last year, he has been working with a number of current and new clients in developing innovative Marketing Intelligence Reports and he would love to share his passion of stats with those looking to make sense of their numbers! 


There is so much we would love to talk to you about and we have so many ideas about how we could complement your operations and strategies. We invite you to meet with us at AIEC to find out more about our innovative ideas to support your institution.  


We wish you all a very successful AIEC and we look forward to seeing you in Hobart soon!


Meet with us during AIEC!

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