This is the most comprehensive analysis of scholarships for international students in Australia. 


Implementing an effective international scholarship strategy can be a complex and challenging task. There are many ways to execute a scholarship strategy, but what is the best approach?


With this in mind, we recently conducted a comprehensive analysis of international scholarships available for international students. We examined the details of over 1,100 scholarships available to international students across all Australian universities. The aim of this research was to provide an analysis of the different approaches that universities in Australia take when implementing their scholarship strategies.


 This is the most comprehensive analysis of scholarships for international students in Australia. 


combo chartThe data collected

We collected information regarding scholarships for new international students offered by all Australian universities.

We focused on the scholarships available for undergraduate, postgraduate coursework programs, English and pathway programs. The analysis did not include scholarships for research programs, scholarships offered in conjunction with foreign governments or other private bodies, scholarships for continuing students or other minor scholarships.

It has been a very interesting exercise. From all universities in Australia, we identified more than 1,1000 scholarships offered to new international students. These are full or partial scholarships offered directly by the international office or faculties to support the recruitment of international students, promote diversity on campus or reward the academic performance of prospective students.



combo chartWhat information is included in this analysis?

This report will enable you to gain a clear understanding of how other Australian universities may be using scholarships as a key driver in their recruitment strategies.

This report provides specific scholarship information such as:

1. The number and value of scholarships offered by each university.
2. If the scholarships are targeted to a specific country or region.
3. Scholarships available for specific programs or by level of study.
4. The eligibility requirements relevant to each scholarship.



The report includes a complete database of more than 1,100 scholarships offered to new international students in Australia for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs.


combo chartBenefits of the analysis for your institution


This analysis is a strong step forward in understanding comparatively how Australian universities are using scholarships to attract international students and how they may be using the scholarships to further highlight specific study programs or levels of study.

This report may also provide universities with the data they need to spark conversations within their university regarding future scholarship strategies and offerings to support the overall international student recruitment strategy.




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