Studymove has identified that Australian universities currently have nearly 20,000 agreements, arrangements and partnerships in place to support international students enrolling in their study programs. You can now access all of this critical data in one report!  

Australian universities are facing enormous challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic closing borders and leaving universities scrambling for new ways promote their programs to high quality prospective international students who are now having to study online until borders reopen.


It is becoming increasing harder to recruit new international students however, we believe that Australian universities can harness the power of engaging with international partnerships and pathways to engage with students who already have a clear pathway and incentive to study in Australia. The agreements can also represent an opportunity to diversify recruitment channels and engage in other countries.


If universities harnessed the power of these channels to facilitate and formalise the transfer of international students to higher education programs, the opportunities to further engage with international students and increase enrolments is considerable and exciting!  


Studymove has just released our latest research which identifies all the articulation agreements, recognition of prior learning (RPL) arrangements and Exchange Partners for all 40 universities using data available in the public domain. 


This massive dataset (of 118,000 entries!) and analysis, which is now available for purchase, provides crucial data insights into these university relationships. There is no other report available which provides this level of data.


This report is invaluable to assess your universities current partnerships and RPL arrangements. You can use the report to benchmark your university against all other Australian universities, focus your attention on one particular recruitment market or city and assess if your institution is offering competitive credit for previous study options to high quality international students! You may also identify opportunities for new partnerships in the future!


Our research uncovered the following data insights:

During this process, we collected relevant information from the websites of 40 Australian universities and for 19,616 unique Articulation Agreements and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) arrangements. From the total, 11,427 or 58.2% of these articulation agreements and arrangements are with institutions outside of Australia and 8,192 or 41.8% with institutions operating in Australia.

From the total of 11,427 unique Articulation Agreements and Recognition of Prior Learning arrangements offered outside of Australia, we identified that most of these study pathways are with institutions in China, followed by Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and Hong Kong.


Articulation Agreements and RPL arrangements are predominantly offered at the undergraduate study level (76.3%) with only 4.2% at the postgraduate study level. As expected, the majority of Articulation Agreements and RPL arrangements outside of Australia are in the area of Management and Commerce (40.4%) followed by Society and Culture (13.7%) and Engineering and Related Technologies (11.0%).




Final thoughts

The benefits of this report is looking into the complete dataset to identify areas of opportunity. This full dataset will save you and your team time and resources!

Strategic partnering with overseas institutions and the recognition of their study programs can be complex. However, if they are successfully executed, they will help grow the number of well prepared and qualified prospective students who wish to continue their studies in Australia. These partnerships also can create new diverse channels to engage with non-traditional markets for Australian universities.


Purchase the complete Articulation and RPL report to have access to all the key data when you need it!


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