Studymove shared an update on the state of Learning Abroad at the 2023 IEAA Learning Abroad Forum.  

The Australian Universities International Director Forum (AUIDF) has been developing the Benchmark for 15 years, demonstrating a long-standing commitment to understanding and advancing learning abroad in the sector.

The analysis of student participation in learning abroad programs will provide universities with valuable insights to reshape their engagement strategies and cater to the specific needs and experiences of different student groups.

Student participation in learning abroad in Australia reached its peak in 2019, surpassing that of the US, UK, Canada, and New Zealand, but it declined significantly due to border closures. However, there is currently a recovery underway.

Preliminary data from 21 universities shows that in 2022, student participation levels are less than half of what was experienced in the peak year of 2019.

Resources for the execution of Learning Abroad in Australia have been significantly impacted in recent years, with levels reported now at half of what they were before the pandemic.

You can see the presentation in this link:

During the IEAA Learning Abroad Forum, Studymove's Director had the opportunity to co-present with Brad Dorahy, Founder & CEO of CISaustralia, sharing the results of two extensive surveys. These surveys aimed to measure the preferences of Australian university students regarding Learning Abroad and to gauge universities' perspectives on the current and future execution of strategies to support outbound mobility.

You can watch the presentation here:

We are grateful for the opportunity and invitation to participate in this important forum that supports the development of future initiatives to support Learning Abroad in Australia.