In the past few years, we have observed Australian institutions implementing marketing and recruitment strategies which promote their specific state or territory as a potential study destination for international students in addition to the strategies focused on promoting Australian education as a whole. 

We reviewed more than 4,500 programs from all 39 universities in Australia during the development of the report and the results are really interesting.


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The Big Ten International Learning Mobility Benchmark was established in May 2012 with the objective of developing a yearly report that contains detailed information about the international mobility strategies executed by the Big Ten Academic Alliance (USA) institutional members.


The study aims to go beyond the annual data reported for the IIE Open Doors survey to create an additional set of institutional data to support program management and policy decisions. This is the fourth year that Studymove develops this comprehensive analysis for the Big Ten Academic Alliance. 


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Studymove believes that choosing the appropriate global partner relationship can enhance the global reputation of the institution among numerous benefits. Valuable and active global partner relationships can provide an important link between academics, researchers and students, assist in tackling important global issues and promote research collaboration.  It is therefore important that institutions align themselves with and enter into relationships which are mutually beneficial and with the potential to become long-term.