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What is the percentage of international students studying on-campus in Australia?

Often, we get asked… what is the percentage of international students studying on-campus in Australia?


The latest dataset from the Department of Education and Training (which is published annually) shows that in total, 21% of on-campus students in the university sector in Australia are international students.
Across all Australian universities, the percentage of international students varies between 2% and 45%. The table below presents the percentage of international students studying at each university.





University NamePercentage of international students on-campus (2017)Percentage of international students on-campus (2016)Difference 2017-2016
Australian Catholic University11.0%10.0%+1.0%
Bond University45.6%41.5%+4.1%
Charles Darwin University (b)19.3%22.1%-2.8%
Charles Sturt University20.2%16.1%+4.1%
Curtin University of Technology13.7%15.0%-1.3%
Deakin University19.9%17.4%+2.5%
Edith Cowan University16.2%16.4%-0.2%
Federation University Australia (a)27.8%32.4%-4.6%
Flinders University12.5%11.6%+0.9%
Griffith University15.9%17.6%-1.8%
James Cook University14.6%14.9%-0.3%
La Trobe University19.5%19.4%+0.1%
Macquarie University25.2%22.9%+2.4%
Monash University28.2%24.9%+3.3%
Murdoch University7.9%7.4%+0.5%
Queensland University of Technology16.7%16.0%+0.7%
RMIT University22.1%19.9%+2.2%
Southern Cross University16.0%13.9%+2.1%
Swinburne University of Technology13.5%13.3%+0.2%
The Australian National University34.2%30.0%+4.2%
The University of Adelaide27.0%24.7%+2.3%
The University of Melbourne36.3%33.5%+2.8%
The University of New England4.4%4.2%+0.1%
The University of Newcastle11.7%10.5%+1.2%
The University of Notre Dame Australia1.8%2.2%-0.4%
The University of Queensland29.4%26.0%+3.4%
The University of Sydney35.0%30.9%+4.1%
The University of Western Australia20.1%16.8%+3.3%
University of Canberra15.6%17.5%-1.9%
University of Divinity7.9%7.2%+0.8%
University of New South Wales33.8%29.7%+4.0%
University of South Australia16.3%16.0%+0.3%
University of Southern Queensland9.0%8.2%+0.7%
University of Tasmania13.4%11.6%+1.8%
University of Technology Sydney29.9%27.6%+2.3%
University of the Sunshine Coast19.4%16.1%+3.4%
University of Wollongong22.2%20.1%+2.1%
Victoria University19.2%16.5%+2.7%
Western Sydney University12.4%10.0%+2.4%


Source: With information from the Department of Education and Training (Australian Government, 2017).

(a) Previously the University of Ballarat. (b) As a result of a collaborative partnership between Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education and Charles Darwin University.






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