Data Storytelling

We take you on a data journey and reveal the stories that the data is leading to!

We give data a clear and convincing voice.

We like to go beyond just the data analysis and enhance data reporting by identifying and communicating the data stories which make the data so much more meaningful.


Let us take you on a data journey!

It is not enough to have access to relevant data without taking the time and have the knowledge of how to extract an important story from the data.

This is where we can assist you to bring your data to life!

Data storytelling is a skill we have perfected over the many years of analysing and communicating data. We also aim to make it memorable!

We give data a clear and convincing voice and uncover important insights.

We are passionate about data but we are even MORE PASSIONATE about data storytelling!


Why is data storytelling so important?

To engage an audience and drive change, data-driven stories convert relevant data into useful insights which are visually appealing and easy to comprehend for all stakeholders.

Data storytelling empowers people to take action and make better business decisions.

In all of our data storytelling efforts, we focus on:
  • Connecting data and finding meaning in data

  • Digesting and simplifying the data

  • Uncovering compelling insights and give them context

  • Presenting data in a visually appealing, interactive and engaging way

  • Present data stories which create clarity and inspire the audience to explore the data further

  • Have a conversation with data

  • Digesting data to avoid overwhelm!

  • Bringing data to life!

  • Presenting data-driven stories which influence and drive change

We have achieved this by creating data driven stories through the use of:
  • Data visualizations

  • Producing videos discussing key data

  • Engaging PowerPoint presentations

  • Infographics

  • Dashboards to bring important data together

  • Data presentations (face-to-face) or online

Data Animations Data Animations
PowerPoint PowerPoint
Dashboards Dashboards
Summary of Statistics Summary of Statistics
Video Production Video Production


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