Thousands of international students are recruited via international education agents each year and each institution is usually managing hundreds of agent relationships from around the globe but, most institutions, if asked, would say that they don´t have a one-stop report that tracks how their agents are performing.


It is therefore vitally important that you have the tools to monitor their performance using just one report and which consolidates data from across the campus. You also need important data crunched to understand how you could maximize the effectiveness of your relationships and ensure the ongoing promotion of your programs is effective and targeted according to your institutions needs and goals.


We have designed a comprehensive Agent Management Report to include all the relevant key data. 


This report will give you the information you need to manage agent relationships effectively and find ways to better promote your programs through this important recruitment channel.  


The report includes:

  • An analysis of Applications, Offers and Acceptances per agent.
  • The conversion rates per agent.
  • A complete view of the acceptances by study level, school/faculty and campus.
  • The contribution of each agent compared to others in the market.
  • It will allow you to see who your top agents are and rank agents by countries, regions or overall.
  • To complete the analysis we will provide a comparison of main performance indicators with previous years.
  • Additional information can be included such as freight cost, ROI, commission cost, etc.



In addition, we can complement the data analysis with a comprehensive report which includes explanations and commentary supporting the figures, charts and tables included in the report.


In order to make this information accessible to all your team, we will deliver the full report as an Excel file but not any old Excel spreadsheet, one that looks good, has functionality which allows you to see all the main performance indicators for each agent with only one click of a button or the overall performance of your agent strategy on just one screen.

The report includes numerical tables but the real wow factor comes from the visual representation of the data through eye-catching graphs.  


The Agent Management Report is an essential tool for a comprehensive analysis of your agents’ performance.


We are passionate about stats and we would like to assist you in producing your next generation of marketing intelligence reports. Contact us today to find out all the details.