Recruiting international students is a competitive and challenging task. In order to effectively execute your recruitment strategy, institutions are required more now than ever to access meaningful intelligence to assess current and future recruitment activities in global markets. 


This report allows you to easily perform an in-depth analysis on each market to better understand which strategies, programs and recruitment channels work best in that specific market. 


It is a useful document which will assist you in identifying trends and opportunities in the market place. 


The Country Performance Report incorporates all your internal and external data and provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your recruitment efforts.


The report includes:

  • Information on enrolments and commencements for each country or region.
  • Information on agents and program performance for each market.
  • Enrolments and commencements by study level for each country.
  • Your institutions enrolments compared to other institutions in your country.
  • Top programs by country.
  • Market share by country.
  • Direct vs agent recruitment.
  • Conversion rates by country.
  • Enquiries by country.


To complement this information, we will benchmark your internal indicators with external data. This will give you a complete picture of the performance of your recruitment efforts in each market.


In addition, we can complement the data analysis with a comprehensive report that includes explanations and commentary supporting the figures, charts and tables included in the report.


The report is produced in an innovative and interactive format which will allow you to view information of each market in only one click.



We are passionate about stats and we would like to assist you in producing your next generation of marketing intelligence reports. Contact us today to find out all the details.